Race regulations

Photo by Olexandr Kotenko

1. Race time and place

1.1. The race is held in Rahiv area of Zakarpatska region on the territory of the Chornohora mountain range on the 14 th of August 2021.

1.2. The start camp is located in Yasinya village.

2. Schedule of events

August 13

16:00 — 20:00 — Start number distribution in the starting camp.

August 14

More details regarding further program TBA.

3. Registration and participants eligibility

3.1. Registration is open till 13 of August, 2020.

3.2. Any changes in the registration are possible till 13 of August , 2020 and should be made by sending an e-mail request to the following address ukrainiantrailleague@gmail.com

3.3. The Packet Pickup is held in the base camp according to the race program.

3.4. To pick up a Start Packet, the participant should have a signed voucher, all equipment from the list marked as “obligatory” and an ID card or passport.

3.5. By signing the voucher, the participant agrees to all terms and conditions.

3.6. On the race day the participant must be 18 years old.

3.7. To take part in the Chornohora Sky Race participants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

– at least one successful finish in 2019-2020 running competitions on a race of at least 20 km with any surface.

In case none of these requirements are met, the participation should be negotiated directly with race organizers.

3.8. To take part in the Chornohora Sky Marathon participants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

– at least one successful finish in 2019-2020 running competitions on a race of at least 40 km with any surface

– successful Chornohora Sky Race 2019 finish (26 km) with time of less than 6 hours

In case none of these requirements are met, the participation should be negotiated directly with race organizers.

3.9. All participants at the start of the race must have all of the obligatory equipment from the list. Depending on weather conditions before the race, the organizers may exclude some of the listed items, thereby making them not obligatory to have during the run.

3.10. The absence of the obligatory equipment items may lead to penalties or even disqualification. Any of the runners’ waste material must be carried till the finish line where it will be disposed appropriately. Throwing the trash outside the checkpoint areas will lead to disqualification.

3.11. Participants agree that their personal data (name and surname, date of birth and gender) will be published in the participants lists and the official results lists and that their photos and videos may be used by the organizers for race coverage in media.

3.12. Race participation may lead to injuries of differing levels of severity, ranging from the minor ones to those that may result in disability or even death. Participants must be aware of it and take full responsibility for their health. In case there are any signs of injuries, the participant is obliged to stop the race.

4. Registration fee

4.1. To participate in the Chornohora Sky Marathon the following registration fee must be paid:

For not Ukrainian citizens


4.2. To participate in the Chornohora Sky Race the following registration fee must be paid:

For not Ukrainian citizens


4.3. The Registration fee includes the following:

– Race number and race program;

– Transfer from the base camp to the starting point in Luhy village or Kozmeshchyk for the participants of the Chornohora Sky Marathon and Chornohora Sky Race respectively;

– Drinks and food at checkpoints (3 checkpoints at the Chornohora Sky Marathon and one checkpoint at the Chornohora Sky Race);

– Medical aid and assistance during the race

– Mountain rescue workers and emergency teams assistance ;

– access to the national park area

– memorable souvenirs from the organizers

– Information materials from organizers and sponsors;

– Pasta party after the run;

– Official photos;

– Finisher medal

4.4. Additionally participants can order the following items:

– Cotton t-shirt specially designed for the Chornohora Sky Marathon 2021 — 18 EUR

4.6. In case of injuries, sickness or other circumstances that do not allow the registered runner to participate in the race, organizers may refund 50% of the registration fee. To get the refund the participants must provide supporting documents before July 31, 2021. In any other cases, registration fee is not refunded.

4.7. Participants who are over 60 years pay 50% of the registration fee.

4.8. The registration fee may change because of the unstable economic situation in Ukraine.

4.9. Participants cannot refuse to use any of the items and services included in the start packet to reduce its price.

5. Race

5.1. At the start of each race participants must attach a race number to some clearly visible place on their outerwear (T-shirt, jacket, etc.). It is forbidden to remove the race number till race finish.

5.2. There is a time limit for each checkpoint in both Chornohora Sky Race and Chornohora Sky Marathon. Participants who fail to reach the checkpoint within the established time limit are automatically disqualified and transferred to the base camp by the organizers.

5.3. Volunteers can demand from the participants to show the required items of equipment and clothing. If any of the necessary items are absent, a time penalty of 20 mins is applied.

5.4. All participants in the route are bound by the rules of fair play and the absolute prohibition of interference with the marking of the race route and the destruction of nature.

5.5 All participants pay attention to the injuries of other participants of the competition and are obliged to help those who need help and notify the organizers about the situation, type of injury, location and number of the injured party.

5.6. If a participant needs to stop the race due to injury or health, the participant must immediately call and notify the organizer about it. People who do not report their stopping the race may paid for an unreasonable search campaign.

5.7. Participants should, as far as possible, to reach the nearest checkpoint.

5.8. The organizer provides transportation of participants to the base camp according to available vehicles - waiting time of the vehicle for evacuation can be long, therefore the task of the participant is to reach the nearest checkpoint where it will be provided with the first medical aid and meal.

5.9. Participants who want to quit the race, but at the same time do not have any injuries that restrain their free movement, should do this on their own.

5.10. Organizers can cancel or change the race course due to bad weather conditions, certain natural disasters (e.g. tornados, earthquakes, forest fires etc.) or other emergency situations in the area, such as war, terrorist acts or anything that may pose risk to the participants’ health. In any of the above mentioned cases, the registration fee or other participation costs are not refunded.

5.11. Race courses go through a difficult mountain terrain that includes uneven stony trails, slippery muddy tracks, small crumbling stones and steep ascents and descents of up to 75 degrees in angle.

5.12. During the run weather can change dramatically from hot and cloudless to rainy, snowy and windy, making a run more difficult to complete.

5.13. Some parts of the run course go through the roads, paths and tourist trails, where one can meet tourists, transport or shepherds with their flocks and dogs. Some wild animals, reptiles and insects can also appear on the way.

5.14. Organizers, volunteers, doctors and rescue workers can stop participants to check their health condition at any point of the run, as well as before or after it, and disqualify them if there is any race rules violation or health risk.

6. Kids races

6.1. Distances for kids:

- 100 m distance -  to 6 years (inclusive);

- 500 m distance - 7-8 years old;

- 1000 m distance - 9-13 years old.

6.2. Entry fee price - Free

6.3. Age of participants is determined by the day of the competition (14th of August, 2021).

6.4. Each competitor participates voluntarily and with the written permission of the parents or a confidant (a coach, teacher, etc.), who in turn will recognize all possible risks to the participant's health during and after the race. Parents of the participant or a confidant (coach, teacher, etc.) take the written personal responsibility for the physical condition of the participant and the ability to complete the chosen distance.

6.5. Winners are not determined on 100 m, 500 m and 1000 m distances. All participants of Kids Races get sweet gifts.

6.6. Admission of participants to the competition is carried out in the presence of documents provided: a document confirming the age of the participant (obligatory for all participants); the original written permission of the parents or a confidant (a coach, teacher, etc.).

7. Awarding

7.1. On Chornohora Sky Marathon and Chornohora Sky Race distances, winners are awarded in the overall standings (three men and three women).

7.2. Men and women are also awarded with diplomas in the following age groups (one man and one woman):

- 40+

- 50+

- 60+

7.3. Medal winners who are not present at the award ceremony lose their winners’ presents.

8. Race facilities and services

8.1. In the base camp all participants are provided with:

– Drinking water;

– A tent spot;

– Toilets;

– Place to store personal belongings;

– Medical service.

8.2. Participants reach the base camp in Yasinya village on their own. The village can be reached by bus from Ivano-Frankivsk and by train from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsya and Kyiv.

9. Changes in race regulations 

9.1. Organizers can change current race regulations at any time in order to achieve the most effective event management.

9.2. If any important changes are made, race participants will be notified about them through e-mail that was given in the registration.